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Idsa.design is a domain registration website powered by Porkbun. Porkbun is an ICANN accredited domain name registrar based out of Portland, OR. With a passion for all things internet, the Porkbun team has come together to create an effortless website naming system for the creative professionals and businesses of the world. A porkbun is also a delicious Cantonese barbecue-pork-filled treat.

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Raymond King

Raymond King has been a noted innovator and entrepreneur since he started a company while still in high school. His next project, Semaphore, Inc., was created during his sophomore year at M.I.T., and began as a project management software package. By 1990, it was rated #1 in its space by ARCHITECTURE magazine, and grew to over 100 employees, serving 2,500+ clients. Ray went on to co-found SnapNames.com. It was his first major role in the domain name space and they invented several new ways for people to acquire domain names; it grew to more than $49 million in annual revenue by 2006.

Ray has had a personal passion for wikis for years, which even led him to found ICANNWiki, a vibrant wiki resource that links together the ICANN ecosystem. He is a native and long-time resident of New York City, but has been in Portland Ore. since co-founding SnapNames.com – his current farm outside the city, complete with tractor and goats, is a definite but welcome departure from his days in Manhattan.

Peter Brual

Peter Brual has over 22 years of experience in starting, investing and managing new companies within the healthcare, auto, loan, entertainment and technology sectors. He is the Chairman of HomeNurse, Inc., a leading provider of home care in the state of Georgia, with over 1,000 employees. Prior to HomeNurse, Peter was the COO of Liberty Home Health, Inc. and led the sale of the company to Georgia Baptist Hospital, now known as Tenet Healthcare (NYSE:THC).

Peter was nominated for the Merrill Lynch/Ernst Young Entrepreneur Award in 1996. He holds a BS in Engineering from the United States Military Academy at West Point and earned an MBA from the JL Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University. Peter served in the U.S. Army infantry where he attained the rank of Captain and earned airborne, air assault and ranger qualifications. Peter is an Endowment Guardian with the Boys and Girls Club of Nassau County Foundation, Florida and a founding member of the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, Georgia.

Andrew Merriam

Andrew Merriam’s knowledge of ICANN and the DNS industry comes from years with ICANNWiki, where he managed the site, including its fundraising and content, and represented the project at every ICANN meeting since 2011. While still active in ICANN policy development, he now leads corporate and TLD specific strategies. He is in awe of the Internet and values the chance to contribute to its continued development.

Andrew is a native New Mexican; even if he was born in California and spent much of his young life in Minnesota. He has studied and lived abroad in Italy, East Africa, and Panamá, and he graduated from Lewis and Clark College in Portland with a B.A. in Religious Studies. He speaks both Italian and Spanish, though, more often than not, a somewhat intelligible hybrid of the two. Andrew also still remembers enough Kiswahili to surprise the East African delegation at ICANN meetings.

Elise Ferguson

Elise Ferguson is a graduate of Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA, where she studied Psychology and Economics. As a recent grad, Elise was caught up in the energy surrounding Top Level Design and the exciting new growth in the gTLD field. While new to the domain industry, her college research experience is put to good use learning ICANN policy and investigating the new TLD contracting process.

Elise is an Oregon native whose time in Spokane convinced her that rain is a beautiful thing. While at school, she took advantage of the Gonzaga-In-Florence program to fulfill her lifelong dream of visiting Italy, but she is happy to be back in the Pacific Northwest.

Owen Borseth

Owen Borseth is a long time veteran of the domain name industry. Starting in 1999 at Dotster.com as one of their first employees, he engineered and built their NameWinner domain backordering platform before eventually moving on to SnapNames.com where he continued work on backorder technology. In 2003 he went to work building and maintaining the domain registrar DomainSite which eventually became Name.com. He spent the next ten years there, holding many different technology related rolls before departing after its sell to Demand Media.

Owen is a product of a small town in Washington state but has lived in Portland, Oregon and Denver, Colorado while pursuing his career. He’s now back in his home state where he enjoys being outdoors, most notably sailing the high seas of the Pacific Northwest, and traveling with his wife and four children. He speaks a bit of Brazilian Portuguese and prior to stumbling upon his calling of developing sweet online products and services he held such prestigious positions as dump truck driver and auto parts store manager.

Jordyn Barton

Jordyn Barton joined Top Level Design with a decade of experience in advertising. While living in L.A., Jordyn worked on major campaigns for a variety of brands such as Red Bull, Visa, Southwest Airlines, Pinkberry and Nissan.

Now back in her native Portland, Jordyn is enjoying learning the ropes in a new and unique industry, exploring the northwest with her husband and 1-year-old daughter, and rooting for her Oregon Ducks without hoards of USC fans jeering at her.

Kino Crooke

Kino Crooke joined Top Level Design as a freshly-minted UO Duck. His background revolves around content-creation and storytelling within the realm of start-ups. He’s most comfortable with a camera in his right hand, a pen in his left and looks forward to contributing to the emerging TLD market.

Kino’s experience as a storyteller and content creator began at the age of six when he dictated a fantasy novella to his mother. A traveler at heart, Kino lived on two continents and traveled to 24 countries before putting down roots in the Pacific Northwest.

Summer Fang

Fang (方) Zhou (舟), a.k.a. Summer, has been living in the Pacific Northwest since 2012. Summer grew up in Guilin, China and graduated from Kansas State University with a Master's Degree in Mass Communications. Her complex and profound perspective of culture and markets are highly valued at Top Level Design. While mostly involved with Business Development, Summer enjoys jumping in to help with a variety of work.

When not at work you can find Summer at various venues in PDX. She also finds time to venture into the woods and the Pacific coast and is always planning for the next trip. When not hanging out with her human friends, Summer babysits their dogs and collects elephant art. Her love of elephant art is forever represented by a tattoo; Summer has been inked for 4 times so far and is currently designing her 5th tat.

Ross Brackett

Ross began his career in tech support as a high school intern at a software firm in his hometown of Bellingham, WA. He's been honing those skills ever since, and leapt at the opportunity to bring that experience to Porkbun.

Since moving to Portland, Ross has shared his love for creating electronic art and music with the local creative tech community, presenting at the PDX Creative Coders and PDXnode user groups and creating a multimedia installation at Portland's own AFRU gallery.

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